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What We Do.

IT Service Provider in California’s Central Valley

Work From Home IT Solutions


The number of companies that have shifted to working from home in recent years has changed the landscape of IT support. Now more than ever, businesses are seeking and relying upon flexible and trustworthy remote IT solutions for their day-to-day activities.

With over 20 years in the industry, MaguroBlue has adapted to and embraced the numerous rapid changes in IT support and computing. Our professionals know the industry inside and out and will put your business’ needs first. We’ll help you handle any challenge that comes your way in this new era of remote work. Whether you’re small or mid-sized, we will get your remote IT solutions right the first time, so you can focus on keeping your business successful.


How Maguro Blue Can Help


Whether you are looking for IT support, a cloud computing solution, a server project, or IT security, selecting the right managed service provider is a significant business decision.  We know you need personalized IT support that is always ready to find the best solutions for your business’ technology, and that’s what we do best. When you choose MaguroBlue, you’re receiving the assistance of a managed IT support company that will:


Match Your IT Services With Your Business’ Unique Goals


To design an IT support plan, MaguroBlue starts with an audit of your current computer system, performed by our highly skilled computer experts. Then, we provide a roadmap that budgets your IT service needs for computer and server refreshes, software purchases and security requirements for the next few years. This plan aligns your business strategy with your IT support spend, so you can eliminate expensive, unexpected costs. It’s much better to have IT services delivered on a well-designed timeline than to have unexpected or unplanned computer expenses hit your bottom line.


Proactively Prevent Computer Issues

MaguroBlue technicians train on well-defined and documented IT support standards for your servers, firewalls, switches, WAPs, and failover devices. Computer service requests are tracked in our advanced ticketing system. We analyze IT support tickets for trends that indicate systemic computer network issues. Advanced automated alerting spotlights critical computer network and IT security issues, which we quickly and efficiently address. Issues with desktops, laptops, or computer networks are caught before significant IT support problems arise. Keep your employees productive, your technology reliable, and your data safe with MaguroBlue.


Help You Grow & Make The Right Decisions


MaguroBlue wants to be your long-term IT services provider, helping you make sound, strategic computer network decisions. Computer support dollars spent right mean success. For the last 20 years and today, MaguroBlue professionals help small to medium-sized companies grow. Let us focus on maintaining your IT infrastructure while you focus on running your business.

Available 24/7

Our manpower planning model ensures we have the right people to quickly meet your IT service requests. Contact our computer technicians right away, day or night, at our Houston-based help desk center. We are never overwhelmed with IT service requests due to our continuous efforts of keeping your computer networking running smoothly. Through proactive measures, you receive a quieter computer network and thus more productivity for you and your employees.

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